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This playback feature can play only (pam) macro files.

Playback folder
You can specify a folder with record macro files (*.pam) that can be played.
Playback list
Select macro file to be played and double-click on it or press Play button below. You can delete needless files by pressing a red cross button. In this case, the file is deleted from the hard-disk.
Playback speed
Select the macro playback speed.
Default - as it was recorded.
As fast as possible
2x Faster
3x Faster
2x Slower
3x Slower
Select the moment when you would like to start playing after pressing Play button below.
Immediately - start playing at once
HotKey - start playing when you press keystroke Ctrl+Shift+R in some moment.
Wait for 3 seconds - start playing after 3 seconds pause.
Wait for 5 seconds - start playing after 5 seconds pause.
You can stop playing by pressing Ctrl+Esc key combination.