Portable version
New in 2020! Eonza automation software - Free, open source, cross-platform automation software.

Portable version

You can use both the standard and the portable version of Perfect Automation to automate windows actions. The portable version can be executed on USB-drives such as flash-drives or removable hard-drives. Also, the portable version can be run from any directory on your hard drive.

How to install the portable version

There are two ways:

  • Download the portable version as a zip archive and unpack it to any folder.
  • Select the menu Tools-Portable version in the installed program. In this case, you can simply specify the appropriate options in the dialog box. Your current settings and projects are copied too.
  • Tips

    Do not specify an absolute path for scripts in Launcher. We recommend you to use a global variable $autopath$. This variable is equal to the current path of Perfect Automation. For example, you can run the script $autopath$\\solutions\\samples\\system-info.pa independing where Perfect Automation is installed.