Version history
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Version history

Perfect Automation 2.7.0   [ March 01, 2010 ]

Perfect Automation is freeware now!
   Minor bugs

Perfect Automation 2.6.0   [ August 24, 2009 ]

   Dialogs 'Global Variables' and 'Select Variable'. 
   Command 'Keystroke'. Now the list of predefined buttons contains
      Alt, Back, Ctrl, Delete, Down, End, Enter, Esc, Home, Insert,
      Left, PageUp, PageDown, Right, Shift, Space, Tab, Up, F1 - F12.
   Command 'Script bottom panel'. Added 'Variable' item for checkboxes.
      You can define 'autoclose' and 'autoshut' variable to check or
      uncheck checkboxes.
   Added 'Run as' combobox in 'Run application' command. 
New commands:
   Redirect console output
   Run JavaScript & VBScript
   Polish language (for the program interface)
   Option 'Executable file (silent)' in Recorder. Such output file 
      plays keyboard and mouse actions without any dialogs.
   Command 'Keystroke' could not emulate the right-hand ALT.
   Minor bugs

Perfect Automation 2.5.1   [ May 21, 2009 ]

New commands:
   Send email
   Start service
   Stop service
   Option 'Run as administrator' to task settings
   Conditons 'Service' and 'Service run' to 
      'If [Application]' and 'While [Application]' commands
   German language (for the program interface)
   Minor bugs

Perfect Automation 2.5.0   [ May 12, 2009 ]

   Program-script Split file
   Program-script Join files
   French language (for interface)
   Bug in Launcher - Import 
   Minor bugs

Perfect Automation 2.4.0   [ April 10, 2009 ]

   Program-script Open selected links on a hotkey
   Ukrainian language (for interface)
New commands:
   FTP [Upload file]
   FTP [Close]
   FTP [Open]
   FTP [Rename/move file ] 
   FTP [Get current directory] 
   FTP [Download]
   FTP [Create directory] 
   FTP [Delete directory] 
   FTP [Delete file]
   FTP [Set current directory]
   Foreach [FTP LIST]
   Hotkey did not work if the program run as 
      administrator on Vista
   Bugs with variables contains < and > at the beginning 
      and the end of the value
   Executable files were not created in Record module
   Minor bugs

Perfect Automation 2.3.3   [ March 27, 2009 ]

   The portable version of Perfect Automation
   Predefined variables: #computername#, #userlogon#
   Link 'Help' on the title of commands
   'Save changes automatically' in Launcher settings
   Option 'Close on run applications' in MiniAutomation
   Program-script Copying CD/DVD to hard-drive
   Program-script System infomation
   Minor bugs 

Perfect Automation 2.3.1   [ March 17, 2009 ]

New script: Find same files
New script: Find latest modified files
New script: CD/DVD & Flash drive
New: Mini Automation top-most window 
&nbsp;    Launcher history, search, favorites 
New: Script Editor: Select variables dialog
New: Global variable 'taskpath'
New command: If [Window]
New command: Wait [Window]
New command: Connect
New command: Disconnect
New command: If [Internet connection]
New command: Dialup (connection) dialog
New command: If [Application]
New command: While [Application]
New command: Customize buttons
New: Russian help pautomation-ru.chm
Improved: Support Win button in hotkeys
Improved: Sheduler & Import: sorting of any column
Fixed: it is possible to run programs that require administrator's rights

Perfect Automation 2.1.4   [ January 20, 2009 ]

New script: Backup to CAB archive file
New script: UTF-8 tool
New command: Compress [CAB file]
New command: Decompress [CAB file]
New command: If [Text] 
New command: Function
New command: Call function 
New command: Modify text
New command: Open file dialog
New command: Convert text
New command: Open folder dialog
New command: Save file dialog
New: Author,version,website in Script settings
New: Predefined variables 'shortdate', 'shorttime'
Improved: Source Editor: two buttons 'Run as Script' & 'Run as EXE'
Improved: Launcher: sorting of any column
Improved: Record & Playback on Vista.
Improved commands: Show About button & About dialog in Task bottom panel
Improved commands: If [File/Folder]: Contains substring
Improved commands: Copy files - save relative path

Perfect Automation 2.1.0   [ November 24, 2008 ]

New script: Customize Open & Save dialogs
New script: View files list as HTML
New command: Create shortcut
New command: Script bottom panel
New: Script uses the same language as Perfect Automation
New: Preferences: Default folder for exe files & Cache exe files
Improved: Progress bar in Import
Improved: Logo
Improved: Auto import in a thread
Improved: Buttons 'move up' & 'move down' in lists
Improved: Versions of the program and Windows are written in a project file
Fixed: Now work 'Allow only once instance' checkbox

Perfect Automation 2.0.7   [ November 05, 2008 ]

New script: Set attributes of files and folders
New script: Copy CD/DVD to Hard Drive 
New command: Create folder
New command: Get drive space
New command: If [File/Folder]
New command: Ping host
New command: While [File/Folder]
Improved commands: Copy files & folder can contain other commands
Improved: Default user's folder is in Application Data
Fixed: some bugs in the installation 

Perfect Automation 2.0.5   [ October 28, 2008 ]

New: Russian language
New: Predefined variable 'logfile'
New script: Web colors
New script: Calendar
New command: Get folders & drives size
New command: Get date & time 
Improved commands: Output (log) settings : 'Do not clear log file' checkbox 

Perfect Automation 2.0.3   [ October 17, 2008 ]

New: The first release.