Backup folders into CAB archive
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Backup folders into CAB archive

If you would like to make backups of some files or folders, then this program helps yo to solve this task. You just need to run this program in the required intervals. It will pack these folders and files in a CAB archive with the timestamp name (YYMMDD-HHMMSS). You can modify the script of the program so that it will be run in hidden mode and it is closed automatically.

Main program features:

  • You can specify up to three folders or file wildcards for compressing.
  • You can define ignore wildcards. In this case, such files are not compressed.
  • By default, the name of the result CAB file contains the current date and time.
  • All settings are saved for the next executions.
  • Download script ( 6KB ) | Download freeware program ( 215KB )
    No install required