Backup folders to a flash drive
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Backup folders to a flash drive

Suppose you need to backup some files to the flash drive daily. In doing so, it is desirable to preserve even yesterday\'s data, rather than overwriting them. This program allows you to copy up to three directories on the flash drive. The program compares the file time and copies only modified files. Also, you can specify wildcards of files to be ignored when backing up. All data will be stored on a flash drive in two directories: the folder today will always contain the latest copy of files and the folder yesterday will contain previous version of the files. In this case, you can restore the penultimate version of any file.

The program saves all settings in the Registry and you can run it when you need to backup your files. You can modify the source script of the program yourself if you want to change the backup rules.

Download script ( 8KB ) | Download freeware program ( 195KB )
No install required