version 2.1.4
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Perfect Automation 2.1.4   [ January 20, 2009 ]

New script: Backup to CAB archive file
New script: UTF-8 tool
New command: Compress [CAB file]
New command: Decompress [CAB file]
New command: If [Text] 
New command: Function
New command: Call function 
New command: Modify text
New command: Open file dialog
New command: Convert text
New command: Open folder dialog
New command: Save file dialog
New: Author,version,website in Script settings
New: Predefined variables 'shortdate', 'shorttime'
Improved: Source Editor: two buttons 'Run as Script' & 'Run as EXE'
Improved: Launcher: sorting of any column
Improved: Record & Playback on Vista.
Improved commands: Show About button & About dialog in Task bottom panel
Improved commands: If [File/Folder]: Contains substring
Improved commands: Copy files - save relative path