version 2.3.1
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Perfect Automation 2.3.1   [ March 17, 2009 ]

New script: Find same files
New script: Find latest modified files
New script: CD/DVD & Flash drive
New: Mini Automation top-most window 
     Launcher history, search, favorites 
New: Script Editor: Select variables dialog
New: Global variable 'taskpath'
New command: If [Window]
New command: Wait [Window]
New command: Connect
New command: Disconnect
New command: If [Internet connection]
New command: Dialup (connection) dialog
New command: If [Application]
New command: While [Application]
New command: Customize buttons
New: Russian help pautomation-ru.chm
Improved: Support Win button in hotkeys
Improved: Sheduler & Import: sorting of any column
Fixed: it is possible to run programs that require administrator's rights