== [@2.4.0@gethistory@100409@]
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Perfect Automation 2.4.0   [ April 10, 2009 ]

   Program-script Open selected links on a hotkey
   Ukrainian language (for interface)
New commands:
   FTP [Upload file]
   FTP [Close]
   FTP [Open]
   FTP [Rename/move file ] 
   FTP [Get current directory] 
   FTP [Download]
   FTP [Create directory] 
   FTP [Delete directory] 
   FTP [Delete file]
   FTP [Set current directory]
   Foreach [FTP LIST]
   Hotkey did not work if the program run as 
      administrator on Vista
   Bugs with variables contains < and > at the beginning 
      and the end of the value
   Executable files were not created in Record module
   Minor bugs