Copy files & folders
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Copy files & folders

Copies files and directories by the wildcard. This command can contain other commands which will be called for each copied file. The full name of the latest copied file is stored in copyfile variable.

Optionally, you may add comments here describing the purpose of this element.
File, wildcard of folder
Specify a file, a wildcard or a directory that you would like to copy.
Destination folder
Choose the destination path where files and folders will be copyed.
Apply to
All Files - All found file will be copied.
Newer Files - Only newer files will be copied.
New Files - The file is copied only if there is not it in the destination folder.
Different Files - Only different files will be copied. If a destination file and a source file have the same data the file will be skipped.
Ignore wildcards
You can exclude files from the search by separating their names or masks with a comma.
myfile.*, a???.txt, log.txt 
Recursive search
Check this checkbox to enable the recursive search in all subdirectories.
Save relative path
If you check this checkbox, all files will be copied with subfolders.
Error message
If you check this box, an error message will be displayed.
Output log message
If you check this box, all copied files will be shown.