While [ File/Folder ]
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While [ File/Folder ]

While statement for files and folders. You can use this command to define a file system loop. This command can contain other commands that will be executed until the specified condition will be TRUE.

Optionally, you may add comments here describing the purpose of this element.
The name of the file or folder.
Comparison Type
Specify the comparison operations you need.
Newer file - Compare file time with file time of the file specified in Additional parameter.
Contains substring - Return 1 if the file contains a substring defined in Additional parameter.
Wildcard matching - Compare the filename to wildcards in Additional parameter. You can define some wildcards separated by comma there.
Negation of conditional
Check this box on if you want to negate this condition.
Additional parameter
It is valid for Newer file,Wildcard matching and Contains substring comparison type.
for Newer file you can specify either filename or the date and time as SSMMHHDDMMYYYY. In this case, the parameter must begin with '*'.
Next Condition
You can specify a combination of two conditions.
AND - this and the next condition must be true.
OR - At least one of the two conditions must be true.