Replace within files
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Replace within files

Replaces strings within files.

Optionally, you may add comments here describing the purpose of this element.
File or wildcard
Specify here the file or the mask of the file where the replacement will be made.
Ignore wildcards
You can exclude files from the search by separating their names or wilcards with a comma.
myfile.*, a???.txt, log.txt 
Recursive search
Check this checkbox to enable the recursive search in all subdirectories.
Search only words
If you check this box, whole words will be searched for and replaced. Substrings will not be taken into account.
Output log message
If you check this box, the files where replacements were made and the number of replaced strings will be shown.
What Find
The string that will be replaced.
Replace With
The new string the found string will be replaced with.