Get drive space
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Get drive space

Retrieves information about the free and total amount of space available on a disk volume.

Optionally, you may add comments here describing the purpose of this element.
Specify a drive you want to get the information about the space. You can enter a directory path or UNC name.
Variable name
The name of the variable the space information will be written to. This command specifies some variables with different postfix and assign them the according information.
There are the following result variables:

Variable nameDescription
[var] The free space in bytes.
[var]kb The free space in kbytes.
[var]mb The free space in mbytes.
[var]gb The free space in gigabytes.
[var]total The total space in bytes.
[var]totalkb The total space in kbytes.
[var]totalmb The total space in mbytes.
[var]totalgb The total space in gigabytes.

Example, if you specified variable name as space then

#space# - the free space
#spacetotalgb# - the total space of the drive in gigabytes