Files & folders
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Files & folders

Commands for working with files and folders.

CD/DVD & Flash drivesGets the letters of the first CD/DVD and flash drives on user's machine.
Copy files & foldersCopies files and directories by the wildcard.
Create folderCreates a new folder including nested folders.
Delete files & foldersDeletes files and directories by wildcard.
Foreach [ File ]Enumerates all files in the specified directory.
Foreach [ Folder ]Enumerates all subfolders in the specified directory.
Get drive spaceRetrieves information about the free and total amount of space available on a disk volume.
Get file informationGets information ( size, time, attributes etc.
Get file path informationGets path information ( drive, path, filename, extension ) of the specified file.
Get folder sizeGets the summary size of the specified folder or drive.
If [ File/Folder ]Conditional expression for files and folders.
Pattern fileCreates a file based on a template file.
Print filePrints file(s) or documentation on a default printer.
Rename/Move FileRenames or moves a file.
Replace within filesReplaces strings within files.
Search files & foldersLooks for files and folders on the user's machine.
Set current directoryChanges the current directory.
Set file attributesSet attributes of specified file(s).
SynchronizationSynchronizes the contents of two directories.
While [ File/Folder ]While statement for files and folders.